Keywords = salinity stress
Number of Articles: 3
1. Comparative Effects of Hydropriming and Halopriming on Germination Performance of Secale montanum Guss. under Salinity Stress

Volume 4, Issue 3, Summer 2014, Pages 213-223

Seyed Morteza Araghi Shahri; Ghasem Ali Dianati Tilaki; Behzad Behtari; Mohammad Ali Alizadeh

2. Effects of Salinity on Seedling Growth and Physiological Traits of Vetiver Grass (Vetiveria zizanioides Stapf)

Volume 3, Issue 3, Summer 2013, Pages 191-199

Davoud Akhzari,; Alireza Ildoromi; Maryam Dashti Marvili

3. Effects of Salinity Stress on Seed Germination Characteristics of Two Medicinal Species Thymus kotschyanus and T. daenensis

Volume 2, Issue 2, Spring 2012, Pages 507-512

Mohammad Bagheri; Hassan Yeganeh; Eisa Bandak; Yaser Ghasemi Aryan