Study of Change in Water Quality at Different Distances form Sea in Mahi Estuarian Area

Document Type : Research and Full Length Article


Faculty of Technology & Engineering, Civil Engineering Department, M.S University of Baroda, adodara


Main perennial rivers of Gujarat, Tapi, Narmada, Mahi and Sabarmati
are meeting Arabian Sea in Gulf of Khambhat. The out flow of Mahi River into
the sea is decreased due to construction of dams like Bajaj Sagar, Kadana, Panam
and Wanakbori weir. So, Tidal effect of sea and sea water intrusion is being
increased on landward side. Moreover, due to erratic nature of rainfall and
improper management of the existing water resources in the region, the ground
water withdrawal rate has increased. Since the existing ground water resources
have not been replenished as per demand, Mahi estuarian area is facing a problem
of sea water intrusion. Day by day quality of ground water and soil going on
deteriorating. An attempt is made to study the pre and post-monsoon ground water
quality by collecting and analyzing the water samples of open well, bore well etc.
Considering radial distances from Kavi Town (sea) i.e. to study the effect of
salinity ingress. It is observed that as the distance from Kavi village increases, the
T.D.S, Cl and, TH, values decreases. The high pre-monsoon values get
normalized after the post monsoon because of rain water recharge and dilution,
except some locations due to many reasons.


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