Effects of Enclosure, Rest-delayed and Continuous Grazing Treatments on Production Rate and Vegetation Cover of SadrAbad Nodoushan of Yazd Pastures A.

Document Type : Research and Full Length Article


Agriculture and Natural Resources Research Center of Yazd


In this investigation, the effects of enclosure, restal delayed grazing and
continued grazing treatments on the production rate and vegetation cover were studied.
Study area was SadrAbad pasture. After selecting three bands (1+1+1=3 hectare area) as
three treatments in the restricted and non restricted area, they were transected to three
transects. Then plots (1×2m2 ) were selected to measure the production rate with clipping
and weight method and vegetation cover was determined. The data were analyzed using
Duncan test in completely randomized block design. As the results showed, the production
and vegetation cover percentage in enclosure area, the restal delayed grazing and continued
grazing had significant differences(p<0.01).