Investigation of Habitat Characteristics and Phenology of Five Range Species in Highlands of Kashan, Iran

Document Type : Research and Full Length Article


1 Agriculture and Natural Resources Research Center of Isfahan

2 Rangeland Research Division, Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands, Tehran


Knowledge on habitat characteristics and nature of regional vegetation in
rangelands is a prerequisite for any planning and proper range management along with
sustainable development of renewable natural resources. Rangelands in southern and
western highlands of Kashan, Iran are of good vegetation diversity but unfortunately,
palatable and desirable species are endangered in recent years. This research aims to
investigate habitat characteristics and phenology of five range species including Prangos
latiloba, Prangos uloptera, Ferula ovina, Astragalus eriopodus and Onobrychis
melanotricha. Several field studies were conducted and the distribution of each species in
highlands of Kashan was determined using topographic maps, land capability, and GPS.
Ten key species were selected in each region to study their phenological stages including
vegetative growth, flowering, seed maturity, and seed dormancy. In spring, summer and
autumn, 15-day visits and a 30-day visit in winter were performed. Finally, the distribution
of each species and phenological stages were presented in maps and graphs. Our results
showed that the dormancy period in most species started from early August and continued
until late March. As temperatures rise in late March, vegetative growth starts and continues
until mid-May. Flowering stage was in a period of mid-May and the end of June;
afterwards, seeding stage and seed dispersal have started.


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