Rangeland Ecohydrology, New Paradigm in Water Management of Arid and Semi-arid Lands

Document Type : Research and Full Length Article


1 Islamic Azad University, Tehran Science and Research, Branch

2 Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran University

3 Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran University,

4 Scientific Board Research Center of Agronomy and Natural Resource, Hamedan province


At the beginning of twenty-first century, the water crisis in the priority policy and
management is inside and outside of the country as principle thoroughly human, social,
economic and political rulers of the country is considered abundant. The World Bank has
announced that during 1960 and 2025, water resources in Middle East, from 3430 m3 for the
each person in year reach to 667 m3 because of population growth, degradation of natural
resources, extent and spread of deserts. Study of ecohydrology in arid and semi arid
rangelands of the world is one of the newest methods for available water resource
management. In this science, all of effective ecology elements on water balance equation
were reviewed. In these areas, a strong relation had been seen between ecology and hydrology
processes. In these areas, not only lack of precipitation, but also irregular and unpredictable
distribution of precipitation was problematic. Ecohydrology pays particular attention to these
areas of vegetation and its impact on groundwater and surface water.