Identification of Medicinal Plants in Arshadchamani Rangelands of East Azarbaijan

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Research of Agricultural Faculty, Tabriz University, Tabriz


Arshadchamani rangelands are placed in the north foothill of Sahand
Mountain and near Kandovan Village. Therefore, it has plant diversity and
economical values. In this region, medicinal plants are cut and sold by the stores
with non-standard packaging without scientific name. Regarding the economical
value of medicinal plants and thereby the investment necessity on these valuable
resources for using in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, the collection
and identification of these plants could be useful. Collection and identification of
plants in the region were carried out during two years. 256 collected species were
identified in herbarium and then medicinal plants were separated by the scientific
references. During this project, 95 species of medicinal plants belonging to 78 genus
and 32 families were identified. The highest number of medicinal plants were
related to Lamiaceae (17 species), Asteraceae (11 species), Brassicaceae (10
species), Fabaceae (9 species) and Apiaceae (7 species). The life form of medicinal
plant species was determined by Raunkier's method and they are including 57.89%
Hemicryptophytes, 28.42% Therophytes, 7.36% Chamaephytes and 5.26%
Geophytes. Six medicinal vegetation types were recognized in the are: Ziziphora
clinopoioides Lam. Thymus kotschyanus Boiss. And. Hohen.,Urtica dioica L., Alcea
flavovirens (Boiss. and Buhse) Iljin, Stachys lavandulifolia Vahl, Cichorium intybus
L., Achillea willhelmsii C. Koch, Stachys inflata Benth., Peganum harmala L., Rosa
domescena L. were economically very important.


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