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Dr. Mohamad Reza Moghadam, professor of range management Department, Tehran University has been one of the most important and influential person on science of range management in Iran.
He was born in Tabriz city on May 5th, 1940 and graduated in range management from Montpellier University, French in October 1963.
Most of the mangers, scientists and professors were taught by him.
He recieved lots of awards from govermental departments and Iranian Society for Range Management as well as other qualified individuals and groups working in rangeland field. Also, he founded range management NGO.
Dr. Moghadam has had a long and productive career including principal research projects for national and international rangelands and he was appointed as the dean of Research Center of Natural Resources of Alborz in 1971. He founded MSc. and PhD. courses in Tehran University following his retirement from this university.
He has worked as a rangeland consultant for the international researches. He has worked in many countries, spending much of his time in different sections of natural resources during his retirement.
In total, Dr. Moghadam has published approximately 80 papers, three fundamental, basic and reference books, and a lot of symposia proceedings. He was a founding main member of the Iranian Rangeland Society for which he served as the President for two times, and Chairman of some National Rangeland Congresses which were held in Isfehan and Tehran provinces.
Vic Moghadam is an internationally recognized rangeland scientist. He has made significant contributions through conducting a variety of researches and consulting to enhance our understanding of the rangelands in Iran and worldwide. His work has covered many subjects and he has been continually productive for over 50 years! All the Iranian rangeland scientists, teachers, students and staffs appreciate his dedication to rangelands.


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