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Islamic Azad University Boroujerd Branch


An Iranian Rangeland ecologist, born in 1937 in Tabriz, He got his MSc. in agriculture in 1961 from Tabriz University. He was hired by Rangeland Improvement and Fodder Procurement Organization in 1963. At the early steps of his career, he worked as the head of Daland Range Seed Production Station in Gorgan, and then he worked as the head of Homand Plant Research Center from 1966. He received his second MSc in rangeland management from University of Wyoming in 1969 and later on got his PhD in 1975 from there. He worked on quantitative study of vegetation of Markazi province- Iran. He was supervised by Dr. Meymandinejad a well known plant ecologist. Dr. Sabeti and Dr. Goodwin worked with him as advisors. He joined Research Institute for Forest and Rangeland (RIFR) as the head of Range Research Division from 1971-1978. He served as the head of Research Institute for Forests and Rangelands during 1978-79 when he noticed that he had cancer and followed some surgeries and pertinent treatment. He followed his research in that institute until retirement in 2001.
He taught range ecology, range plant identification, rangeland improvement and development and rangeland management at Gorgan university of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources, Tarbiat Modarres University, Islamic Azad University–Noor Branch. He supervised 65 MSc thesis and 2 PhD dissertations.
During his service, he had the opportunity to attend many national and international conferences and some training courses around the world. He also visited some of the famous botanical gardens in Scottland, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Spain.
He conducted many projects to study vegetation of Iran among them he had some projects with international organizations such as IFAD. He also had some projects in Turkmentistan and Pakistan.


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