Socio-economic Factors Affecting Acceptance of Livestock and Rangelands Insurance (Case Study: Agh Ghala county, Golestan Province, Iran)

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1 uneversite of gorgan

2 Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

3 Department of Natural Resources


Insurance services and financial compensation are regarded for the consequences of events that may happen or not.Farmers and stakeholders can be benefited from the agricultural and natural resources insurance so that they can attain much more stability in resources management, especially through mitigating the effects of potential and imminent risks. The current research was aimed to determine the effective factors in the acceptance of livestock and rangeland insurance by stakeholders in Agh Ghala, Golestan Province, Iran in 2015. Data were collected based on the survey-descriptive research method. Statistical population was all the rangers having a range management plan. Among 93 subjects, sample size was determined as 76 people based on Cochran formula. The effective socio-economic variables among stakeholders were determined using logistic regression. Results of logistic regression suggest that such variables as livestock insurance against previous 20-year risk factors, risk taking and insurance expert knowledge had positively significant effects and family size had negatively significant effects on the acceptance of livestock and rangeland insurance (P≤0.05). Variable of "insurance expert knowledge" had the highest impact on adopting livestock and rangeland insurance among the factors entered into logistic regression model (P≤0.05). It was concluded that holding the extension workshop on risk transfer and dealing with different aspects of insurance provided by an educator who is fluent in native language will be effective.


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