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Prof. Nosrat Safaeian from Sari, Australia received the Outstanding Achievement Award for Stewardship from the Iranian Society for Range Management at the 5th National Conference held in Boroujerd, Lorestan, Iran. He was born in Khorramabad and graduated in Ecology and Range Management from Montpellier, Science and Technique University, French in 1979.  I am honoured to introduce Prof. Nosrat Safaeian as an Outstanding Achievement Award for your journal. Dr Safaeian from University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural resources, Sari received the best lecturer award from the University of Mazandaran. He has had a proactive career including Head of Department of Natural resources in University of Mazandaran for more than 20 years.  He was an academic member of Education and Research Council of Faculty for several years.  Dr Safaeian has taught several subjects in different universities in Mazandaran and Tehran for over 30 years.  He also was supervisor and co-supervisor to several Master and PhD students. He was a founding member of the Iranian Society for Range Management. After being retired from university, Nosrat has worked as a founder of Rangeland National Society, Desert Improvement Network Society and Environmental Evaluation Society in Iran. He also was the member of Journal of Agricultural Sciences in University of Tehran and International Journal of Environmental Studies during 2000-2010. Dr Safaeian has published about 26 research papers in ISI and national journals, many books about ecology and environment and several symposium proceedings. He has made significant contributions through research, teaching, published books and consulting to enhance our universities, rangelands and environmental organizations in Iran. Dr Safaeian is the great honoured editor of the Society for Range Management and is going to be a candidate for 2016 Outstanding Achievement Award for Stewardship by Dr Nasser Abdi from Australia.


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