Quran and Rangelands

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Scientists call pasture a natural eco-system and range is an agricultural eco-system. In this point of view although pasture that was full of plants growing by itself and not growing by human being (Pirdashti, 2007; Mohgadam, 2005) and two groups of living beings such as human being, plants, domesticated, and not living being like weather, Wind, gradient which are effective in making of pasture. So, we can see the name of so many surahes in Quran are related to pasture. Almorsalat (Winds) AlAraf, Ana’m (quadrupeds Albaghareh (ox) Al naml (ant) Al ensan (human being). Besides of these twenty surahes of Quran, there are so many names that are used in the text of holy Quran that are related to pasture. The words such as earth, soil, light, rain, water, spring, plant, tree … that are signs of importance of nature and also pasture. But the clearest Verses that are certainly speak, about pasture are these two verses: He brought forth from it its water and its pasturage. (Al nazeat, 79.31). In This surah, God tells us some realities about creation of sky and earth and also water are in the first, second and third position, so that pasture is the pasture is the fourth sacred being in the nature, because God calls it in order to show its situation in the creation. The second time that God speaks about pasture God said, “And who brings fourth her bag (Al ala 84/45). This surah points to the God directly to say that God creates pasture. So, not only God creates pasture but also notices to grow plants on it. In this point of view sanctification of posture has more importance in Islam.


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