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PhD Candidate Student, Department of Rangeland Management, Young Researchers Club, Borujerd Branch, Islamic Azad University, Borujerd, Iran


Mansour Mesdaghi was born in 1941 in Ghazvin, Iran, where he completed his elementary and high school.
After graduation from Gorgan Forest and Range school, he had been employed in Ministry of Natural Resources as a technician in FAO branch of United Nation in collaboration with Dr. D. L. Goodwin, the Range Scientist at Houmand Range Research Station.
He received his B.A degree in Economics at Tehran College of Business in 1973. Then, in 1975, he received a governmental fellowship to accomplish his M.Sc and Ph.D. in Range Ecology at Northern Arizona University and University of Wyoming. The results of his dissertation on vegetation of saline and alkaline habitats of Red Desert in Wyoming was published in Shrublands of Wyoming by his supervisor, Professor Herbert G. Fisser.
After continuation his career as an expert in Research Institute and in Forest and Range Origination, he was transferred to the College of Natural Resources in Gogran where he had taught the courses of Range Measurement, Quantitative Plant Ecology, Phytosociology, Advanced Statistical Methods, and Range Research Techniques.
During his sabbatical leaves at Colorado State University, 1993-1995, USA and at University of British Colombia, 2002-2003, Professor Mesdaghi integrated the idea of socio-economics in rangeland inventory and evaluation and presented his results in Proceedings of the V International Rangeland Congress in 1995, USA, and XX International Grassland Congress, in Canada, 2015.
Professor Mesdaghi is the author of Range Management in Iran, Plant Ecology, and Statistical and Regression Methods.
He has also translated the Range Management Books such as: Principles and Practices, Ecological Methodology, Vegetation Description and Analysis, Wildlife Ecology and Management, Walter’s Vegetation of Earth which were the best books of outstanding scientists in the world.


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