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Yazd University


Mohammad Hossein Hakimi Meibody was born in 1963 in Meibod, Yazd province. He gets his diploma in Meibod and then for higher education, he went to Isfahan university and exceeded direction of plant science for 4 years and graduated in 1989 with excellent grade. Then, he went to Tehran university and passed course of Plant Systematic in Biology department of faculty of science since 1996 with excellent grade in this year ‌(1996) he accepted as faculty member of Natural Recourse of Yazd university. He trained many students at yazd university since 2003. Then he gets a scholarship from ministry of science research and technology in 2003 and went to Puna university of India and completed his higher education in Mycology up to PhD degree.
In coming back to Iran, he selected as chairman of Natural Recourse faculty of Ardakan city in 2004. Then he printed some bulletins and 3 book about Range Plants and many research program presented by him in period of 2004 to 2017. He supervised many Msc students and also published 30 articles in scientific journal.
He loved nature and many of his times spent visiting and sampling of range plants with complete herbarium of natural recourse faculty of Yazd and Ardakan university. he was died on December 2017 and it was very suddenly for all of his colleagues and also for hid students.


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