Correlations between Some Vegetation Attributes and Soil Physicochemical Properties at Selected Wet Season Grazing Sites Central Sudan

Document Type : Research and Full Length Article


1 Biology Department, Faculty of Science, Tabuk University, KSA

2 Department ob Biology, Faculty of Education, University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences

3 Microbiology Department, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, International University of Africa.


This study aimed to trace changing patterns of vegetation attributes in association with soil physicochemical properties at selected seasonal grazing sites central Sudan (Khartoum State) namely Tundub, El-Farish, Abuseweid, Medaisees, Buhat, Abudolou’a Km 72 and Abudolou’a Km 42. A combination of sampling procedures was followed to sample vegetation and soil. Comparisons between sites were made using one way ANOVA, followed by Duncan’s Multiple Range Test (DMRT). Pearson’s correlation analysis was made between plant attributes and soil physicochemical properties. Study sites varied significantly in plant productivity, diversity and soil properties. Abuseweid site achieved the highest herbaceous diversity, density and total dry matter productivity values. Tundub and Buhat were higher in woody perennial attributes having the highest browse productivity and percentage canopy covers. Tundub exceeded other sites in plant ash, Ca, Mg and K contents followed by Medaisees every time. Medaisees exceeded others in plant P and N contents, given that Tundub, Medaisees and Buhat were higher in perennial woody attributes. The sand dune sites Abudolou’a Km 42 and Km 72 were the poorest sites in all vegetation attributes measured. Variation between sites in plant attributes was strongly related to variation in soil physical and chemical properties. Two groups of soil physicochemical factors regarding their associations with vegetation attributes were observed, soil Na, N, clay, water holding capacity (WHC), EC, OC, OM and silt contents were positively correlated to vegetation attributes; pH, Ca and sand contents negatively correlated to vegetation attributes.


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