Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 3, April 2011, Pages 167-254 
Estimation of Soil Carbon Sequestration Rate in Steppes (Case Study: Saveh Rudshur Steppes)

Pages 175-182

M. Mahdavi; H. Arzani; M. Mesdaghi; KH. Mahdavi; J. Mahmodi; M. Alizadeh

Simulation Model for a Nomadic Animal Production System in Southern Iran

Pages 183-192

Gh. R. Badjian; Dahlan Ismail; M. Sh. Othman; A.A. Mehrabi

Climatic and Environmental Reconstruction Based on Stable Isotopes of Parishan Lake (Iran)

Pages 203-216

D. Noorollahi; H. Lashkari; M. Amirzade; Gh. Azizi; S. Sharafi