Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2, Spring 2013, Pages 95-188 

Research and Full Length Article

2. ANP Application in Evaluating Ecological Capability of Range Management (Case Study: Badreh Region, Ilam Province)

Pages 95-107

Ali Mahdavi; Marzban Faramarzi; Omid Karami

5. Study on the Trend of Range Cover Changes Using Fuzzy ARTMAP Method and GIS

Pages 129-144

Moslem Hadidi; Ali Ariapour; Marzban Faramarzi

7. Herbage and Seed Production of Two Species of Lathyrus L. under Rainfed Condition of Borujerd, Iran

Pages 155-164

Ali Ashraf Jafari; Parisa Moazami Godarzi; Shahram Nakhjavan; Morad Cheshmehnoor