Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1 - Serial Number 4, January 2019, Pages 1-103 

Research and Full Length Article

Annual Water Yield Estimation for Different Land Uses by GIS-Based InVEST Model (Case Study: Mish-khas Catchment, Ilam Province, Iran)

Pages 1-12

Ali Akbar Jafarzadeh; Ali Mahdavi; Rashid FallahShamsi; Rasoul Yousefpour

Resting Impact on Vegetation Cover of Fescue-Forbs Rangeland in Mongolia

Pages 52-61

Otgontuya oogii Lkhagvajav; Lkhagvajav Namdag; Munkhbat Chimed

Required Growing Degree-Days (GDDs) for each Phenological Stage of Fritillaria imperialis

Pages 62-73

Elahe Zafarian; Ataollah Ebrahimi; Ali Abbasi; Esmaeel Asadi