Professor Dana Kelly, President of the International Grassland and Rangelands Committee

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Professor Dana Kelly
President of the International Grassland and Rangelands Committee
Dr Dana Kelly is a lecturer in the Master of Integrated Water Management program at the International Water Centre. Her role includes the development and implementation of the Collaborative Planning module, and supervision of final projects for students, particular those working with Indigenous communities around the world. She has undertaken various research and teaching roles with The University of Queensland since 2004.
Dana has implemented projects that fostered very successful collaborations at regional and national levels in diverse fields of natural resource management, agriculture and mental health.
Previously Dana worked for government, NGOs and private enterprise, including as state-wide coordinator for pest management extension, in protected area management and in tourism. In 2011 she was appointed as the Australian representative to the Continuing Committee for International Rangeland Society.
Dana is a social scientist with particular interests in collective social learning, participatory action research, participatory local governance and evaluation. Her PhD focused on power relations in community engagement processes.
Now she is President of the International Grassland and Rangelands Congress in Nairobi, Kenya-October 25-30, 2020.
She has written a number of articles and books that are about natural resource management.